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Exercising After Your Lung Transplant

This booklet offers information for patients and families on:
  • Why it’s important to exercise after your transplant
  • How to do it safely

Fertility and Family Planning After Lung Transplant

Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s Adult CF Advisory Committee (ACFAC) held a Fertility and Family Planning webinar series in 2019-2020 which explored differen…
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Guide to lung transplant for families and support people

This booklet offers information specifically for people on the unique journey of a support person and caregiver for a lung transplant patient. 
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Lung Transplant Program

Manitoba’s lung transplant program assesses patients for lung transplantation suitability and cares for patients who have received a lung transplant.…
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Transplantation pulmonaire et fibrose kystique

An information resource for Cystic Fibrosis patients considering transplantation.

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Healthy Eating After Your Lung Transplant

Nutrition plays an important role in your recovery after transplant and in your long-term health.  This page provides some healthy eating tips to thi…
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Caring Breaths Program

This program covers the following expenses for lung transplant recipients and their primary caregivers:
  • Up to 2 months of mortgage/rent of pr…
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Lung Transplant Support

The Lung Association provides much needed support for those undergoing transplant, including gift cards for accomodation, gas, parking and groceries …
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Lung Transplant Patient Manual

This manual is a resource for for patients and caregivers on lung transplantation in the Toronto Lung Transplant Program. As you go through the lung …