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Heart, Lung, and Liver Transplants

Although heart, lung and liver transplants are not performed in Saskatchewan, care for those individuals who need transplant, or have received such a…
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Saskatchewan Lung Transplant Online Support Group

Closed Facebook page for patients and caregivers.  Administered by the Saskatchewan Lung Association and managed by volunteer Lung Association VIP Br…
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Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance program from the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  For lung transplant recipients and their primary caregivers, it includes rei…


Life and death with three doses: the current situation in Alberta for transplant recipients

Transplant recipients, by nature of being immunocompromised, are at very high risk for severe outcomes of COVID-19.

Even if they have received three…

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Exercising After Your Lung Transplant

This booklet offers information for patients and families on:
  • Why it’s important to exercise after your transplant
  • How to do it safely

Fertility and Family Planning After Lung Transplant

Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s Adult CF Advisory Committee (ACFAC) held a Fertility and Family Planning webinar series in 2019-2020 which explored differen…
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Guide to lung transplant for families and support people

This booklet offers information specifically for people on the unique journey of a support person and caregiver for a lung transplant patient. 
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Lung Transplant Program

Manitoba’s lung transplant program assesses patients for lung transplantation suitability and cares for patients who have received a lung transplant.…
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Transplantation pulmonaire et fibrose kystique

An information resource for Cystic Fibrosis patients considering transplantation.