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Featured Study

This 6-part video series describes the kidney transplant process. Health care providers will share their knowledge, and people living with kidney disease will share their experiences. It is our hope that these videos will help you learn what you can do to have a successful transplant.


Organ and Tissue Education (K-12)

Created by Canadian Blood Services in collaboration with Canada’s organ and tissue donation and transplant organizations, this portal collects and shares age-appropriate, easy-to-access and easy-to-use teaching resources for teachers, parents and students from K-12. The goal is to spark interest in…


Transplant Manitoba

Transplant Manitoba consists of five dynamic teams dedicated to caring for individuals before and after transplant and includes the Gift of Life, the program responsible for coordinating and supporting organ donation in the province. This resource provides Manitobans with information for all aspect…


Transplant and Medication

BC Transplant resource helps transplant patients simplify life by making medication information easy and accessible. On this page, you can access information regarding general medication, including over-the-counter medication, and specific information on anti-rejection medication. 


Expressive Writing for Those on The Transplant Journey & Their Caregivers

Presented by the Centre for Living Donation at UHN

Living with a serious disease or life-threatening condition is something that affects the emotional life of patients and those who love and care for them. This is especially true for patients and family members awaiting organ transplants or life-sav…


Finding a Living Donor: Peer-Led Workshop for Kidney and Liver Transplant Candidates and Advocates

Finding a Living Donor is a practical, interactive, peer-led online workshop for kidney and liver transplant candidates and advocates presented during Living Donation Week 2021. Hosted by UHN


Life and death with three doses: the current situation in Alberta for transplant recipients

Transplant recipients, by nature of being immunocompromised, are at very high risk for severe outcomes of COVID-19.

Even if they have received three doses of vaccine, with the current level of community transmission, recipients are being advised to essentially avoid all indoor activities outside t…


Heart, Lung, and Liver Transplants

Although heart, lung and liver transplants are not performed in Saskatchewan, care for those individuals who need transplant, or have received such a transplant, is available in Saskatchewan.
Most Saskatchewan residents who are in need of a heart, lung, or liver transplant are referred by their sp…

Saskatchewan Lung Transplant Online Support Group

Closed Facebook page for patients and caregivers.  Administered by the Saskatchewan Lung Association and managed by volunteer Lung Association VIP Breathe Ambassadors who are all lung transplant recipients.

Caring Breaths Financial Assistance Program

Financial Assistance program from the Lung Association of Saskatchewan.  For lung transplant recipients and their primary caregivers, it includes reimbursement (submit receipts with application) for:

  • Mortgage/rent in SK while in Edmonton for treatment (up to 2 months)
  • Care of home in SK while i…

Exercising After Your Lung Transplant

This booklet offers information for patients and families on:
  • Why it’s important to exercise after your transplant
  • How to do it safely
  • Answers to common questions about exercise
  • How to care for your back
  • What you need to know about osteoporosis
  • Other helpful resources

Fertility and Family Planning After Lung Transplant

Cystic Fibrosis Canada’s Adult CF Advisory Committee (ACFAC) held a Fertility and Family Planning webinar series in 2019-2020 which explored different aspects of fertility and family planning. This series included seven webinars with a focus on topics such as: fertility issues, treatment options, p…

Guide to lung transplant for families and support people

This booklet offers information specifically for people on the unique journey of a support person and caregiver for a lung transplant patient. 

Lung Transplant Program

Manitoba’s lung transplant program assesses patients for lung transplantation suitability and cares for patients who have received a lung transplant. Lung transplantation is a treatment option for a variety of end-stage lung diseases.

Lung Transplantation and Cystic Fibrosis

An information resource for Cystic Fibrosis patients considering transplantation.


Healthy Eating After Your Lung Transplant

Nutrition plays an important role in your recovery after transplant and in your long-term health.  This page provides some healthy eating tips to think about after your lung transplant.

Caring Breaths Program

This program covers the following expenses for lung transplant recipients and their primary caregivers:
  • Up to 2 months of mortgage/rent of primary home residence in Saskatchewan while in Edmonton for treatment if the individual has no other insurance
  • Cost of a private company to mainta…

Lung Transplant Support

The Lung Association provides much needed support for those undergoing transplant, including gift cards for accomodation, gas, parking and groceries to help take some of that pressure off. This support is funded entirely by individual donors who care about the health and security of those going thr…

Lung Transplant Patient Manual

This manual is a resource for for patients and caregivers on lung transplantation in the Toronto Lung Transplant Program. As you go through the lung transplant process it will provide a place for you to refer back to refresh your memory on important details related to lung transplantation and see h…