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Med Error: Supporting Patients and Families Submit a Medication Error report.

Have you ever experienced a medication error? A medication error can be described as a mistake that happens with a medication. Examples include wrong…

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HeartLinks Manitoba

The primary goals of Heartlinks Manitoba are to promote organ donor awareness and to provide information and support for its members.  The site is re…
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Alberta Health Services: Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation

Organ and tissue donation services in Alberta are provided using a collaborative approach by specialized programs located within Edmonton and Calgary.
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Alberta Health Services

The website includes important phone/text numbers, self-help resources, support (social & community, grief, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+), links to health ca…

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Programme de médicaments antirejets

Si vous avez reçu une greffe d’organe ou de moelle osseuse, vous pourriez avoir droit à une couverture pour des médicaments approuvés par l’entremi…
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Maison des greffés Lina Cyr

La Maison des greffés Lina Cyr, organisme à but non lucratif, agit auprès de l'ensemble des greffés de la province du Québec à titre d'organisme comm…
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Exercising After Your Lung Transplant

This booklet offers information for patients and families on:
  • Why it’s important to exercise after your transplant
  • How to do it safely
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Liver Transplant Handbook

This booklet provides information about the liver transplant program at London Health Sciences Centre.  It includes the following chapters:
  • Tran…
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Heart Transplant Home Society

The Heart Transplant Home society helps people find affordable housing  while undergoing heart transplant treatment in Vancouver, BC.  If you and/or …