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Cette série vidéo en 6 parties décrit le processus de transplantation rénale où des prestataires de soins de santé partagent leurs connaissances, et des personnes vivant avec une maladie rénale font part de leurs expériences. Nous espérons que ces vidéos vous aideront à apprendre comment faire de votre transplantation une réussite.


Tixagevimab/Cilgavimab (Evusheld) and Transplant Recipients: Current Research and Provincial Guidelines

Information for transplant patients on Evusheld - current as of January 11, 2023.

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American Society of Nephrology: Vaccines in Pediatrics

Quality, Assessment, Improvement, and Education (QAIE)​ committee’s purpose is to produce infection prevention related publications, virtual presentations, and national webinar; and to advance the use of online learning modules.

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Transplant Families

Mission: To unite families who have children with solid organ or bone marrow transplants by providing inspiration, support, and education. We aim to help patients and families make the most of life before, during, and after transplant.

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Pan-Canadian Organ Donation and Transplantation (ODT) Data and Performance Reporting System Project

CIHI and Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) are co-leading a multi-year project to develop a modernized pan-Canadian organ donation and transplantation (ODT) data and performance reporting system.

Funded by Health Canada, this project aims to support improvements in ODT access, care and outcomes acro…

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How Exercise Can Help Your Child

Physical activity is important for normal growth and development in children and teens. The benefits of regular physical activity in children include. Access the resource to access resources related to pediatric patients and exercise. 

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BEAM is a web-resource that provides exercise programs for people with various chronic conditions, including chronic kidney disease and cystic fibrosis.

BEAM seeks to improve the emotional and physical health of individuals living with chronic diseases through exercise and education. There are gen…

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EL Fit

EL-Fit is an app designed for patients undergoing pre-habilitation prior to liver transplantation. It is an exercise app designed to facilitate exercise training within end-stage liver disease patients and those with cirrhosis. Cirrhosis and advanced liver disease may cause patients to lose strengt…

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Refit for life

Refit for life is an excellent resource if you are interested in reaching a healthier lifestyle as a transplant recipient. It’s an online website that has curated information on exercise, diet and mental health specific to transplant recipients. Its exercise page gives great recommendations on prop…


What is known & unknown about COVID-19 therapeutics for tx recipients?

Dr. Belga is a Clinical Assistant Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC). She received her medical degree from the University of Lisbon. She completed her training in Infectious Disease at the University of Alberta followed by a one-year fellowship in Transplant Infectious Disease at…


American Journal of Transplantation Digest for Patients

New For Patients – News about Research in Transplant!

The American Journal of Transplantation, the premier international journal for transplantation research, is proud to reach out to patients with highlights of peer-reviewed articles specifically curated for transplant patients and caregivers via…


Les Canadiens immunovulnérables et la COVID-19

  • Facteurs pouvant contribuer à l’immunovulnérabilité
  • Comprendre l’immunité
  • Quelles options s’offrent aux personnes immunovulnérables?
  • Restez vigilant

Immune-Compromised Canadians and COVID-19

Summary of factors that might make someone immune-compromised and options available for the immune-compromised community.


Options de prévention et de traitement pour les populations immunodéprimées


Prevention and Treatment Options for Immunocompromised Populations

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ASHI Patient Resources

The American Society for Histocompatibility & Immunogenetics (ASHI) is an international society of professionals dedicated to advancing the science, education and application of immunogenetics and transplant immunology. ASHI is also:

  • the foremost authority and leading educational resource in imm…

Exploring the ethical considerations of direct contact in pediatric organ transplantation; A qualitative study

CDTRP Level Up Research Webinar with Shelby Gielen, Jordy Hermiston, Alice Virani & Jordan Joseph Wadden Exploring the ethical considerations of direct contact in pediatric organ transplantation: A qualitative study

Background: Non-anonymized direct contact between organ recipient and donor famili…


Letixagévimab/Cilgavimab (EVUSHELD) chez les patients ayant reçu une transplantation: Recherches en cours et directives provinciales


The Post Liver Transplant Journey

Do you have questions about what life is like and what to expect after a liver transplant? Join moderator Nem Maksimovic for this interactive webinar featuring UHN transplant hepatologist, Dr Les Lilly and patient partners, Tzvia Petliar and Sandra Holdsworth.

About the Speakers Dr. Les Lilly rece…