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Alberta Health Services: Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation

Organ and tissue donation services in Alberta are provided using a collaborative approach by specialized programs located within Edmonton and Calgary.
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Alberta Health Services

The website includes important phone/text numbers, self-help resources, support (social & community, grief, Indigenous, LGBTQ2S+), links to health ca…

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Diabetes After Kidney Transplant

If you have diabetes before your transplant, work with your kidney transplant team to help keep your blood sugar in good control.  This helps lower y…
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Food and Drug Interactions

Some foods can interact with medicines you are taking.  This page lists the foods you should avoid.
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After Your Transplant

  • What to expect after a transplant
  • What to expect for the life of your new kidney
  • Care after your transplant
  • Dialysis after transpl…
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  • What are the side effects of immunosuppressive medicines?
  • What can I do to help me remember to take my medicines?
  • What else do I need t…
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Possible Health Problems After Transplant

Most people feel better and live longer after having a transplant but unwanted health problems can happen.  This page provides an overview of some of…
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Pregnancy After Transplant

You may wonder if it's possible to have children after having a transplant.  If you're thinking about becoming a parent for the first time or having …
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Food Safety After Transplant

Food can cause infection if proper food safety guidelines aren't followed.  This page offers food safety and mouth care tips.