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Alberta Health Services: Organ, Tissue and Eye Donation

Organ and tissue donation services in Alberta are provided using a collaborative approach by specialized programs located within Edmonton and Calgary.
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The Kidney Transplant Process

A step-by-step guide for kidney transplant recipients in British Columbia
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This document is also…
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The Living Donor Kidney Transplant Process

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This document is also available in other languages:
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Guide de préparation à la transplantation rénale

Avoir une transplantation rénale peut être stressant pour les patients et leur famille. Heureusement, nous sommes là pour vous aider et vous soute…
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Living Kidney Donation Handbook

This booklet provides information about the living kidney donation program at London Health Sciences Centre.  It includes the following chapters:
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Kidney Transplantation in Saskatchewan

Click below to learn more about Kidney Transplantation in Saskatchewan

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Dealing with complications after kidney transplant surgery

  • What if the transplanted kidney isn't working?
  • What are other signs and symptoms of rejection?
  • How can I prevent rejection?
  • What o…
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Diabetes After Kidney Transplant

If you have diabetes before your transplant, work with your kidney transplant team to help keep your blood sugar in good control.  This helps lower y…
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Food and Drug Interactions

Some foods can interact with medicines you are taking.  This page lists the foods you should avoid.