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Curating Critical Futurities in Transplant Medicine: Arts Practices as New Knowledge

Suze Berkhout & Kelly Fritsch
University Health Network & Carleton University
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T1 - Culture of Donation, T5 - Restoring Long-Term Health

“Curating Critical Futurities in Transplant Medicine: Arts Practices as New Knowledge” asks us to consider how the arts can be part of creating new knowledge and materializing new futures for people impacted by transplant medicine. Transplant medicine is a field marked by frictions: entanglements of self with other, graft with host; biomarkers, biopsies, devices, pills and surgeries blur inside with outside. A curative hope can be elusive as health is marked by the chronicity of other illness. In this event, our research team (consisting of academics, artists, students, and people with lived experience of transplantation) is proposing to create an exhibition of artistic projects and makings from a large multi-year arts-based study of psychosocial challenges and resiliencies across different solid organ transplantation programs. The project is embedded in a critical disability (and disability arts) framework, and we are hoping to engage people working in the biomedical side of transplantation with ways of knowing transplant differently, through the arts.

Experience required

In the PFD Curator role, any arts sector experience, professional or non-professional personal artistic practice or training in arts-related disciplines (art history, new media, design, cinematography, performance, visual art studio, museum studies) would be an asset.

If these experiences are in your background, please describe them for the project team. Otherwise, tell us about your interests in art and design and also any organizational (logistics, planning) experience you might have.

Potential roles for PFD Partners

The PFD Curator will work with our project team to develop the plans for an art exhibition at the 10th Annual CDTRP scientific meeting in December 2023.

The PFD Curator will contribute to the conceptualization of the exhibition, e.g. working with the project team to develop overarching themes that connect the pieces, deciding how pieces will be laid out, the descriptions for each piece that audience members will read or interact with.

One PFD Curator will take on this role and will be supported by our research team members (two PIs, two graduate students, one post-doctoral fellow and one professional artist/arts educator). We anticipate having approximately 2-3 meetings (online) in October and November to begin planning for the exhibition and then will have additional meeting/preparation time in December prior to the CDTRP meeting.

We request that the PFD Curator attend the CDTRP meeting in-person (all things considered) to assist with the implementation of the exhibition as well as join in the team debrief after the event. There may be occasional times when we meet with the scientific planning committee to present the proposal/exhibition details.


We have a curatorial stipend for our patient partner in this project of $750

How to get in touch

Suze Berkhout
Job title
Principal Investigator

5hr per month in October & 10hr November 2023; 5hr December & participation at the CDTRP annual scientific meeting, December 2023