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Experiencing graft failure and exploring re-transplantation: a patient perspective

Shaifali Sandal
McGill University Health Centre
Anticipated time commitment
24 months
Application deadline
Type of Organ
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Research Partner
T5 - Restoring Long-Term Health

Kidney transplantation can significantly improve the lives of patients with kidney disease. But the life span of a transplanted kidney is limited, and many patients experience graft failure. Patients with graft failure do extremely poorly. They experience a life-altering event for which they are often poorly prepared and poorly supported. Many are not re-transplant candidates and some die after experiencing graft failure. It is known that patients with graft failure experience fragmented transitions of care between the transplant and dialysis teams. Patient perspectives are poorly researched and poorly understood, thus poorly translated into clinical practice.

This research project aims to obtain the perspectives of patients and their caregivers who are in different stages of graft failure. We want to describe the unique experiences and needs of patients as they transition to dialysis, re-transplantation or palliative care. We also want to identify factors that can improve the care, outcomes, and well-being of these patients and what patients think impedes their access to re-transplantation. We will use well-established qualitative methods that are largely unexplored in the field of kidney transplantation.

Our team includes nationally recognized transplant clinicians, researchers, and leaders.

Experience required

A caregiver who has cared for a patient with kidney transplant failure OR A patient experiencing graft failure or have already had kidney transplant failure themselves who were 1) re-transplanted or 2) are on the waitlist for another transplant or 3) deemed to not to be a candidate or 4) chose not to pursue another transplant

Potential roles for PFD Partners

1-2 Review of study design, recruitment material and data collection tools. Feedback on analyzed data and potentially participating in data analysis. Be a member of the research team as a collaborator or co-applicant and a part of the manuscripts or abstracts that may arise


As per the CDTRP policy ($50/hour). Total hours to be decided in consultation with PFD Partner, research team, and CDTRP PFD Manager.

How to get in touch

Shaifali Sandal
Job title

- Immediate support includes reviewing a grant application and providing feedback by June 13.