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Outcomes of organs transplanted after Medical Assistance in Dying in the province of Québec

Matthew Weiss
Transplant Québec
Anticipated time commitment
5-10 hours per PFD
Application deadline
Type of Organ
Opportunity Type
Research Partner
T2 - Practices for Donation, T3 - Better Grafts, T5 - Restoring Long-Term Health

Since the initial development of the program in 2017, donation after Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID) has grown substantially in Québec. Today almost 15% of all donors in Québec come from this pathway and 182 organs were transplanted from 64 donors between 2018 and 2022. However, while transplant programs informally report that recipients of these organs have had favorable outcomes, very little scientific data has been published on the topic. Our project aims to evaluate how the patients who received these kidneys, livers, and lungs are doing after the transplant using standardized outcome definitions. We will compare to patients who received organs from traditional donation pathways such as after brain death or living donation. This will provide important knowledge that can be used to: encourage programs to develop or improve their donation after MAID programs; give patients who are considering donation after MAID more information about the impact their gift could make; serve as a pilot project for a Canada wide program that would evaluate similar questions.

Experience required

Up to 3 Patient, Family, Donor (PFD) partners, specifically those who were or are eligible for kidney, liver, or lung transplants.

An ability to communicate in French would be beneficial but not required.

Potential roles for PFD Partners

We would ask PFDs to:

  • Review and comment on the utility of the project as a whole
  • Review outcomes to ensure that they include those that are most relevant to patients
  • Knowledge Translation - orient the best ways to communicate findings to the lay population.


Standard rates of $50/hour will be built in to the budget (5 - 10 hours per PFD partner)

How to get in touch

Matthew Weiss
Job title
Medical Director of Donation at Transplant Québec

Opportunity for CDTRP's Innovation Grant