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Generative Artificial Intelligence among Transplant Patient Partners

Dr. Mamatha Bhat
University Health Network
Anticipated time commitment
15 minutes
Application deadline
Type of Organ
Heart, Kidney, Liver, Lung, Pancreas, Stemcell
Opportunity Type
Research Participant
T1 - Culture of Donation

Artificial intelligence has had an increasingly prevalent role within the healthcare system within the last few decades in streamlining the medical processes. Significant research has explored the credibility of AI tools in forecasting conditions and optimizing decision-making processes and there remains significant interest in incorporating AI in in healthcare among the medical community.

AI has the potential to improve self-management of complex conditions such as pre and post-solid organ transplant procedures due to its learning process. Forms of generative artificial intelligence such as natural languaging processors (NLPs) can further target the patient-facing side given their adaptability from a language comprehension lens.

Large language processing can simplify difficult data and make it accessible to all audiences. This makes it an important area of exploration — understanding how patients feel about the advent of this technology and how they can use it to improve patient education moving forward.

Given that patients are the center of the clinical experience and given the increased focus on patient-centred care and increased accessibility of generative AI tools, we need to examine the role of generative AI in the patient experience in clinical care, such as transplants.

Understanding the experiences of transplant partners will allow us to tailor the transplant educational narrative and direction for patients to prioritize comprehension and autonomy. This will also, therefore, streamline the already complex transplant process.

Experience required

Participation from transplant recipients of ALL organ groups are welcome.

In order to accomplish this project, we require transplant patients who have been exposed or have experience in their transplant journey to generative AI.

Patients do not need an extensive amount of experience in generative AI.

Potential roles for PFD Partners

Complete the online survey, which will take approximately 20 minutes. You can complete it here:


Participants who complete the survey are eligible for a $10 digital gift card. 

How to get in touch

Dr. Mamatha Bhat
Job title
Principal Investigator

We are seeking approximately 100 participants to complete the survey. You may share this opportunity and link with those in your network