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Dr. Tom Blydt-Hansen
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10 hours
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Research Partner
T5 - Restoring Long-Term Health

Kidney transplant rejection remains a major issue for children after kidney transplantation. Please note that rejection episodes are the primary contributor to premature kidney graft failure. Current clinical monitoring with blood tests like serum creatinine is ineffective in identifying early rejection. We have developed and validated a urine test called CXCL10 that effectively identifies inflammation within the transplant and is an early sign acute rejection.

This clinical trial will evaluate how regular screening of CXCL10 can improve long-term graft function by effectively identifying and treating episodes of graft inflammation at an early stage before there is any detectable clinical impact from kidney damage. This study will randomize children who are more than six months after their kidney transplant to either receive the intervention of serial monitoring by urinary CXCL10 or will have samples collected as part of a control group. They will be followed for two years, two ascertain changes in kidney function in that time. The group that is assigned to do serial monitoring will have additional testing if the CXCL10 level is high and will receive treatment based on the additional testing which includes diagnosis of rejection.

This 1st stage of the trial is to conduct a pilot study that will demonstrate the feasibility of the larger, definitive clinical trial. The goals will be to the establish that 1) we can meet a target to enroll and randomize an initial 60 patients from 3 centers to the study; 2) we can execute the logistical aspects of the trial including obtaining samples on time, CXCL10 testing and reporting, and application of the clinical protocol for positive CXCL10 tests; and 3) to determine the most economical approach for testing in the definitive trial.

The findings of this trial will be used to support a subsequent application for a larger, definitive, multicenter clinical trial.

Experience required

This project requires 2 PFD Partners willing to:

  • Share their lived experience of their kidney transplant experience
  • Can be recipient or family/caregiver
  • Preferably with pediatric lived experience.
  • Preferably has experience with transplant inflammation

Potential roles for PFD Partners

Patient partners will provide insight and collaborate on decision making throughout both the project execution and wrap-up phases. Patient partners will discuss preliminary findings, assist in creating a roadmap development for rapid clinical implementation, and provide perspectives from lived experience to assess the feasibility of this pilot trial.


$50/hour - total hours and activities to be reimbursed will be discussed and agreed upon with CDTRP's PFD Manager and the Research team.

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Manuel Escoto
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