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Handling your transplant medications safely

You are taking transplant medicines that may be harmful to those around you. This booklet covers the following:
  • How to handle your medicines
  • How to protect the people around you
  • What to do if you spill your medicines
  • How to clean up and do laundry
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Healthy Eating after a Kidney Transplant

Most people who have a kidney transplant do not need to eat a special diet.  However, it’s helpful to follow some diet tips after your transplant.  This handout covers the following:
  1. Eating tips from 1 to 12 weeks after your transplant
  2. Healthy eating more than 12 weeks after your transpla…
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Information for you if you had a transplant

This page covers the following:
  • What is the immune system?
  • Going home after your kidney transplant
  • Clinic visits after your kidney transplant
  • Healing from kidney transplant surgery
  • Dealing with complications from kidney transplant surgery
  • What medicines will I be ta…
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What medicines will I be taking after my kidney transplant?

After your kidney transplant, you’ll take part in the Self Medication Program. This handout covers the following:
  • What is the Self Medication Program?
  • How does it work?
  • What medicines will I be taking?
This document goes over specific medications, explaining what they’re f…