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Eating high calorie and high protein foods

Read this booklet to learn:
  • Why you need to eat a diet that is high in calories and protein
  • What to do if you do not feel like eating
  • What foods are high in calories
  • What foods are high in protein
  • How to choose a nutritional supplement or protein bar
  • Some recipes to ad…
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Dealing with complications after kidney transplant surgery

  • What if the transplanted kidney isn't working?
  • What are other signs and symptoms of rejection?
  • How can I prevent rejection?
  • What other complications can occur?
  • What about diabetes?
  • What about infections?
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Choosing high calorie and protein foods on a low potassium diet

Read this booklet to help you choose high calorie and protein foods that are also low in potassium
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Drug Coverage and Finances

This booklet has some information for you to review in preparation for your kidney transplant.  You will have to take medicines after a kidney transplant to prevent your body from rejecting the new kidney.  The medicines are expensive and are not paid for by St. Michael's Hospital.  You need to pla…
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Clinic visits after your kidney transplant

This booklet has some information for you and your family about how to take care of yourself and your new kidney after a transplant.
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What to expect when you have kidney transplant surgery

  • What to expect for the transplant surgery
  • What will happen after surgery
  • How you can speed up your recovery
  • What you can do to prepare
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Going home after your kidney transplant

Guidelines to follow during your first few months of recovery.
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Healing from Kidney Transplant Surgery

  • What can I expect right after surgery?
  • What can I expect in the days after surgery?
  • What happens when I go home?
  • How do I care for my incision when I go home?
  • What should I watch out for?
  • Are there any activities I cannot do?
  • When can I return to normal activities?
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Telemedicine visits

Information for post-transplant patients and families
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Life after Kidney Transplant

Life after transplant involves many changes.  As your health and quality of life improves, you move from feeling like a patient, to feeling more like a healthy person again.  You can live a normal life, return to work, school or volunteering, and be more involved with family and friends.  This hand…

What Is the Immune System?

This video for transplant patients covers the following:
  • Function of immune system
  • What is rejection
  • Role of transplant medicines
  • Importance of transplant medicines