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Transplant Connect Peer Support Group

New Transplant Connect Group Launches During Be a Donor Month 

On April 26th, The Kidney Foundation will launch a new Transplant Connect group as pa…


Kidney One on One

The Kidney Foundation of Canada has partnered with Alberta Kidney Care – North (AKC-N)  and the University of Alberta to launch the Kidney One on One…


Kidney Community Kitchen

Free and easy to use, Kidney Community Kitchen aims to make food and cooking as easy and fun as possible for a population that has been told many foo…

Insurance Tips

Many people think that they cannot get life insurance (or other types of personal insurance such as health, travel or disability) if they have kidney…

Tax Tips

Every year during tax season, The Kidney Foundation of Canada prepares general tax tips for people who are on dialysis or have had a kidney transplan…

Living with Kidney Failure

This handbook will help you and your family understand the treatment options (dialysis, transplant and non-dialysis supportive care), the importance …

Living Organ Donation Expense Reimbursement Program (LODERP-AB)

Administered by The Kidney Foundation of Canada.  The program may reimburse for expenses including travel, accommodations, parking, meals, loss of in…

Eastern Ontario Chapter Bursaries for Post-Secondary Education

The Eastern Ontario Chapter of The Kidney Foundation of Canada has established three bursaries transplant patients and their families who wish to att…

Northern Alberta and Territories Bursaries for Post-Secondary Education

Eligibility criteria:
  • Applicant must be a kidney patient or a transplant patient
  • Funds are awarded on an individual basis and according to …

Short Term Emergency Financial Assistance

KFOC program offering last resort, short term assistance.  In Ontario applications are made through renal social workers at community units, hospital…

Donating a Kidney

Before the donation:  
  • Who can donate a kidney?
  • Questions to consider
  • The financial considerations
  • The possibility of paired dona…

KFOC Atlantic Branch Bursaries for Post-Secondary Education

Transplant patients, their spouses, and their dependent children are eligible to apply if they're pursuing full-time or part-time studies at an accre…